A premier wrestling club in Northern Virginia for all ages

A premier wrestling club in Northern Virginia for all ages

Upcoming Holiday Schedule

We will be closed Sunday, December 31st and will return to normal hours on Monday, January 1st. 

A Virginia wrestling club for all ages

About Legend Wrestling

Legend Wrestling/Vienna mat club is a registered 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization that will help wrestlers from across the region on and off the mat.

By introducing young wrestlers to the sport and by providing more experienced wrestlers with high level coaching, our goal is to promote the sport throughout the region. Legend Wrestling strives to introduce the sport of wrestling to beginners and enable experienced wrestlers to reach their full potential on and off the mat.

We will help our athletes develop a sense of dedication, hard work, and responsibility - on and off the mat. In addition, we want to help those with high goals achieve them within a system that has produced highly successful results at all levels of wrestling - from beginner youth to high school and beyond.

Legends Wrestling Club offers 3 targeted programs:

  • Intermediate/Advanced Wrestling
  • Girls Wrestling
  • Beginner/Novice Wrestling


Official registration is NOW OPEN!

Upcoming practices will be held:

Monday  - All Programs

Tuesday  - All Programs

Wednesday  - Advanced/Intermediate

Thursday - Advanced/Intermediate and Girls Only

Sunday - All Programs

Weekday practices are conducted from 6:30-8:00 PM and Sundays are 2:00-4:00 PM.

Wrestlers of all ages and skill levels are welcome, however beginners and novices are not able to participate on Wednesdays and Thursdays at this time. We invite you to join us and see our facility, meet our staff, and get some work in on the mats. You can register for a free 2 session trial and a USAW card is not required. 

View details on girls-only practices.

View entire event schedule.

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Intermediate/Advanced Wrestling

The intermediate group is for wrestlers with a minimum of two years of experience who are ready to advance their level of wrestling to the next level. The skills and pace will be slower than Legend elite. However, it is not suited for beginners or novices. Legend elite is for serious youth, junior high school, and high school wrestlers who aspire to succeed on the state and national level.


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Girls Wrestling

Girl’s wrestling is exploding across our nation, and Legend Wrestling Club is proud to embrace this movement. We will have a girls’ club and team for all ages where young girls can learn the sport and experienced girls can excel and prepare for events like Fargo, Women’s Nationals, etc. We are proud to have Jessienna Burkett-Erice, who grew up wrestling in this area and went on to wrestle at the collegiate level.

Wrestle Like a Girl:  Watch the video now.


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Novice Wrestling

The beginner’s program is for wrestlers with little or no experience. Basic positions, skills, and physical fitness will be emphasized. Wrestlers who attend consistently will develop quicker and can join the intermediate group with coaches’ approval. This class is co-ed, but females will have the option of joining our girl’s class with the understanding that the pace and instruction may be quicker than is ideal for a true beginner.


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Interested in Wrestling Camps or Clinics?

Legend Wrestling offers various camps and clinics throughout the year.


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